Lyle Sheffler is a highly sought after classical guitar teacher. With experience teaching all ages from expert to beginner, he has developed a thriving teaching studio in San Francisco.

Lessons durations are 1, 1.5, and 2-hour. Please inquire for pricing.



“Lyle Sheffler is a gifted guitar teacher. He is perceptive about the needs and strengths of each individual student. His pupils perform with both excellent technique and artistic and expressive style. Lyle is very patient and an intelligent and clear communicator. He inspires his students to play their best and to reach new levels of accomplishment. Lyle is also imaginative in terms of the repertoire selections. Lyle performs frequently as both a soloist and ensemble player; his concerts motivate his student musicians to envision the possibilities of the instrument. Highly recommended without reservation!”


-Bonnie Knight, San Francisco

Past President, Music Teachers Association of California,

San Francisco Branch, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011; and

St. Cecilia School Music Department

Music Teacher 1994-Present; Director 1997-Present

As an adult student who has been studying classical guitar with Lyle Sheffler for three years, I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend him to others. Lyle is everything you could want in a teacher – I say this regardless of what your musical background or prior familiarity with the instrument might be. He is extremely patient, insightful and good-humored, but beyond that, what has always impressed me is that he really listens and brings his considerable talent, expertise and knowledge of classical guitar technique and repertoire towards helping me play more musically and with confidence. Yes, he has high standards ( and that’s a good thing!) but mostly he is interested in helping me find solutions to problems that are bound to come up during our lesson. Having attended many of his concerts throughout San Francisco area, I can also say that he is an outstanding musician and performer.

I am a parent and a former teacher of children -nursery school to 6th grade. I can easily see Lyle as the kind of person who would be ideally suited to teach younger students as well as teenagers and adults.”

-Phyllis Aboaf, Private Student of Lyle Sheffler